Insect remover gel

Tired of inscets during summer? Use Feral insect remover gel to have a clear windscreen while driving. The special gel formula helps remove all insects in one swipe.

  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain


Feral insect remover gel removes all insect residue and drime from glass, painted, chrome and plastic surfaces quickly and reliably. Due to its gel-like consistency the product adheres.

Directions for use

Spray product evenly onto the soiled parts. If need be spread with a sponge and leave for about 2 minutes to take effect. Do not allow the product to dry. Then rinse off with plenty of water. Note: Before first use, test for the compatibility on an inconspicuous spot. Do not use on hot surfaces or in bright sunlight.

Additional information

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