Feral Car Care & Fresheners


Feral Fresheners

Created with passion for people that love classic aromas and strong feelings. Feral Fresheners will bring you astonishing memories!


Feral Exterior Products

Even if you are an amateur in car cleaning just take your sponge read our tips and you can start a lovely cleaning journey with Feral products accompany your passion.


Feral Interior Products

Interior car care can be easy if you use the right products. You will need to make a careful selection of the right chemicals for each use.


Extreme Shine Cream

For shiny surfaces, Feral Extreme Shine Cream is the best choice. It removes spots, while leaving a shiny effect.
0.5 Kg

Fruity Collection Spray Bubble

Bubble spray air-fresheners are a unique formula product that will take you to dream places. Our aromas are specially chosen to fulfill each customer’s dreams. Use them at your car, home and other places you want to smell like a paradise.
0.08 Kg
Bubble Gum

Car shampoo with wax

Car shampoo with wax is a highly concentrated product, that removes all dirt, mud and other deposits. It leaves a wax film on your car while protecting from dust, heat and rain.
1.3 Kg
Black Code

Cockpit shine Vanilla 750ml

Vanilla from 6 different aromas you can choose from. Feral cockpit shine will keep your dashboard clean from dust and fading, while leaving a glossy effect.
0.65 Kg

Screen wash antifrost 4L

Screen wash antifrost keeps the windscreen and washer fluid in excellent condition. You can use it either to reach -9°C or -18°C. It’s the best choice for winter months.
4 Kg
Green Lemon

Antifreeze 1L

Feral paraflu protects the cooling system of your car throughout the year. It offers excellent corrosion protection and helps prevent freezing in cold weather up to -50°C and overheating up to +105°C.
1.16 Kg

Wheel cleaner

For shiny wheels, our Feral wheel cleaner is the best choice. It removes a dirt, mud and oil from your wheel, while leaving a shiny effect.
0.62 Kg

Tire foam

One move is enough to take dirt away from your tires. Feral tire foam also cleans, protects and shines your tires.
0.4 Kg

Air-condition spray

A great cleaning spray for the air-conditioner of your car. It prevents the formulation of mold, bacteria and odor, while leaving a pleasant smell.
0.5 Kg