Tires & Rims


Isn’t it the most impressive and at the same time crucial part of the car? Tires must be in good condition because they protect us, but wheels should be in perfect condition because they upgrade the feel & look of our vehicle.

Cleaning and protecting your tires and rims can be a piece of cake using Feral Wheel Cleaner to take the first step. After a good cleaning you can dry the tires with Feral Synthetic Leather and then use either the Feral Tire Restorer or Feral Tire Foam in order to hydrate and protect your car’s tires.

After applying tire restorer, your wheels will look brand new and hydrated and their natural black color will be restored until the next wash.

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Tip of the Day

Want to get rid of cat & dog hair from your car?

Dogs, cats so cute, but so annoying when it comes to clean the hair from all over. Use a paper tape or cloths cleaning role to take all the hair from your seats and carpets. Then use Feral upholstery cleaner and spray all the textiles, leave and rinse off with a cloth. Leave it to dry and you are done & fresh!

Tires & Rims

Super silicone spray

A unique product which protects and restores the shine of surfaces, while restoring the elasticity. It's appropriate for lubricating metal parts, seats, belts, covers by leaning a durable protective silicone film.
0.5 Kg

Tire extreme blackener

One move is enough to take make your tires look like new. Feral tire exreme blackener shines your tires.
0.4 Kg

Tire foam

One move is enough to take dirt away from your tires. Feral tire foam also cleans, protects and shines your tires.
0.4 Kg

Tire shine & restorer

Feral tire shine and restorer acts immediately, by providing shiny results, and restoring the natural color look of your tires.
0.64 Kg
Green Lemon

Wheel cleaner

For shiny wheels, our Feral wheel cleaner is the best choice. It removes a dirt, mud and oil from your wheel, while leaving a shiny effect.
0.62 Kg