Feral Tires & Rims Pro-Series


Perfect results require effective products, and we are proud to support our professional customers with Feral special products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining tires and wheels.

Feral Wheel Cleaner is a soft product for the preparation of wheel cleaning. It is easy to use and provides worry free action. Can be used in all types of wheels and need no rubbing.

Feral Tire Restorer is a compound that revives the tires, creates a protection film on the rubber and brings back the original black color of the tire by hydrating the rubber.

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Tip of the Day

How do I use the sponge properly?

When you wash your car, you need two sponges. One should be used for the bottom of the car and the other one for the top. The sponge for the bottom part, often gathers dust and small stones, which can create scratches. That is why it is recommended to use the second sponge.

Feral Tires & Rims Pro-Series

Wheel Cleaner 20 lt

A wheel cleaner for those who want to impress, even while driving.
22.37 Kg

Wheel Cleaner 200 lt

For professionals that think of their customers, our wheel cleaner is a great choice.
218 Kg