CLEAN+ by Feral

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The new alcohol hand gel and liquid CLEAN + BY FERAL are ideal for instant and effective cleaning of hands and surfaces and maintaining hygiene.

They are suitable for use in any workplace and for all surfaces. Also, CLEAN + BY FERAL gels and cleansers are ideal for busy spaces, as they ensure the constant hygiene of hands and surfaces.

They contain 70% and 65% alcohol, as well as glycerin so that the hands do not dry out.

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Tip of the Day

Do you know the 2 bucket method?

Use two different wash buckets when you clean your car. One with Feral Shampoo and one with clean water. Each time you apply the shampoo on the car, rinse your mitt in the water bucket to remove grit or debris that may scratch your paintwork!

CLEAN+ by Feral

Alcohol liquid CLEAN+ by Feral 10lt

70% alcohol, ideal for daily use for hands hygiene and surfaces. Ideal for use in busy areas, as they ensure continuous hand hygiene in the car, at school, at work and on the walk.
9.20 Kg