Feral Bubble Collection


No1 in sales of car air fresheners, couldn’t be other but the Feral Bubble Collection. Although in Feral we are famous for our fragrances, we can’t overpass the fact that Bubble although is old and classic aroma it still holds the greatest part in peoples’ hearts. An all time classic aroma, a safe solution and a strong smell product, it is the bubble gum fragrance.

You can choose your Feral Bubble Air Freshener among paper, spray, liquid and organic style. An extremely long-lasting aroma that transforms your space into a place of joy!

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Tip of the Day

Small Secrets for air vent cleaning!

You are tired from the mud that hides inside your vents? Try this: use a toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner and brush your air vents and other hidden mud places while you hold the hose of your vacuum. In this way mud and dust will not move within your car but it will go in the vacuum! Done! Then proceed with Feral Cockpit Shine in any smell you like!

Feral Bubble Collection

Bubble Gum Air Freshener

Our paper air-fresheners have a great and playful design that attracts not only young people, but businessmen too.
0.02 Kg
Tutti Fruti

Fruity Collection Spray Bubble

Bubble spray air-fresheners are a unique formula product that will take you to dream places. Our aromas are specially chosen to fulfill each customer’s dreams. Use them at your car, home and other places you want to smell like a paradise.
0.08 Kg
Bubble Gum

Organic Air Freshener Can Bubble gum

Bubble gum for those who want to make their car smell unique and special, but don’t want to show others how it works, we have our can air-fresheners! You can place them anywhere and you will be surprised by the longevity of the aromas. They come in 10 different smells and are ready to impress you.
0.04 Kg
Bubble Gum