Penetrating oil

Our penetrating oil, is a multi product for every use! You can use it at cars, boats, bicycles, tools, starters, boosters and locks. Once you try it you’ ll never leave it.

  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain


Feral penetrating oil is a unique formula product that cleans dirt and grime, removes rust and scale, penetrates in frozen parts, lubricates, and extents machinery life. It acts instantly removing moisture, drying wet connections, while leaving a protective film that prevents from rust.


• Stops squeaks
• Cleans coal tar, glue, rust
• Drives out moisture and humidity
• Removes dirt, dust, mud, smoke
• Protects from corrosion and loosens rusted parts
• Lubricates
• Frees sticky mechanisms
• Dries starters, engines, boost cables

It is appropriate for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, engines, bicycles, tools, starters, boosters, locks, and many more.

Directions for use

Shake well and then spray directly onto the item that you want to clean, lubricate, or redeem from rust, damp, and freeze. For better results you can dip your item in an amount of penetrating oil. Although Feral penetrating oil is appropriate for most plastics, it is recommended that you test the products on a small surface of your plastic before use.

Additional information

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