How to clean your car during summer months

Introducing Feral insect remover!

How to clean your car during summer months

How to clean insect residues from your car’s surface?

Cleaning the car is something that concerns all drivers.

Especially now, that the weather is warm and more insects, which stick to the windscreen of the car and prevent the driver’s visibility, circulate.

Feral insect remover gel, is able to clean even the most difficult insect residues.

How to make better use of Feral’s Insect Remover:

  • Firstly, spray the windscreen surface with one layer of cleansing gel.
  • Then, leave it for around 2-5 minutes.
  • Finally, clean the glass, by turning on your windscreen wiper blades.

Using our product helps maintain your windscreen clean, while so you can drive safely.

You can also use it on others surfaces of your car that have insect residues. This is applicable, due the fact that Feral’s product does not damage the paint, is easily removed and leaves no residues.