Air Freshener Hanging Feral Basics Collection Black & White Harmony

Back to simplicity with the Feral Basics Collection of fragrances!!

  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain


The Basics Collection is ideal for those who love simplicity and sophisticated fragrances.

Available in 3 fragrances:

– White Elegance

– Black Signature

– Black & White Harmony


Feral air fresheners are unique products of high quality and long lasting. They offer a great sense of wellness in your car that is unforgettable due to its elegant essences. Feral air freshener collection is continuously growing in order to fulfill your senses, and always disposed to quality of aroma.



Take out the paper coating and then tear the nylon packing in the special shown spots in the upper of the packing.
Lasts longer thanĀ (4) weeks.

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