Feral Detailing Pro Car Care Set With 18Lt Bucket 12 Pieces

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  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain


If you are new to car care and detailing, then you must be wondering why not use a bucket you already have at home…

Did you ever wonder what professionals do?

To achieve the perfect cleaning without the fear of scratches on the bodywork, but also the best techniques for drying your car, without the well-known “spider” marks, follow Feral’s instructions detailed on each product.

The new Feral Detailing Pro 13 pieces care kit really contains everything you need for a weekly and deep cleaning of the vehicle, with an excellent polish inside and out. It is easy to use and combines everything you need for a perfect cleaning.



• First clean up the dirt with the Feral Bucket by placing the special retention net on the bottom and use the Feral Silicone Shampoo and the Feral soft sponge, making sure to rinse thoroughly each time. In this way any pebbles or rubbish that always remain at the bottom of the bucket will be held under the special net.

• Dry and finish cleaning with Feral Detailing Pro Double Sided Microfiber and polish with Feral Extreme Shine Ointment.

• Clean the interior of the car with the Microfiber Feral 3pcs Rolls, taking care to distinguish which color to use for each surface.

• Make your windows “invisible” with Feral Glass Cleaner and give life and protection to your dashboard with Feral Vanilla Dashboard Emulsion.

• Treat your tires and wheels with Feral Wheel Cleaner, the special Feral Detailing Pro Wheel Brush and finish with Feral Tire Shine Foa.


The best car care kit is one that is easy to use and allows any car enthusiast to get a professional result with every wash!


The set includes:

  1. Washing Bucket Black Feral 20lt
  2. Car Shampoo With Silicone Feral 1000ml
  3. Glass Cleaner Feral 500ml
  4. Wheel Cleaner Feral 500ml
  5. Tire Foam Feral 400ml
  6. Exreme Shine Cream 300ml
  7. Sponge For Cleaning Yellow Feral
  8. Plastic Protectant Feral Vanill 300ml
  9. Μicrofiber Feral Detailing Pro 30×40 cm Rolls 3 Pieces
  10. Microfiber Cloth & Car Mesh Towel Feral Detailing Pro 40x45cm
  11. Brush For Wheel Feral Detailing Pro U-Shape 27cm
  12. Rack