Real chamois 49x32cm

  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain



Feral real chamois is made from the finest sheepskin tanned with 100% fish oil. It possesses phenomenal liquid, dirt and dust absorbing properties, as well as being very soft to the skin and will not fray or fade. It is extremely soft and long lasting, does not fear and scratch.

Ideal for cleaning cars, boats, glass, furniture, etc.

Directions of use:

Initially rinse in warm water with soap. If Feral chamois becomes hard and dry, just soak it in warm water. Works better sligtly dampened. Wipe only areas already washed with a sponge, and do not use it as a sponge.

How to keep Feral real chamois long lasting

Proper care results are necessary for a longer life for feral real chamois. After each use, wash in mild soap and water. Leave a bit of soap on the chamois, wring thoroughly and pull back into shape. Hang to dry away from sunlight and direct heat. Don’t use with harsh chemicals, to wipe grease and oil.