Set Air Freshener Hanging Feral Speech Collection 14 Pieces

  • Wash

  • Polish

  • Protect

  • Freshen

  • Maintain


Are you a fan of air fresheners, but having trouble choosing the one you prefer the most?
Well, this air freshener set from Feral is what you are looking for and it will come with all 14 air fresheners in the Speech Collection, so you have the chance to try the whole range and find your favorite!!

The Speech Collection features a youthful style and uses social media expressions!

Each tree has its own unique scent.

Feral air fresheners are made with the top fragrances on the market and designed to freshen the atmosphere and mask unwanted odors!

The set includes 1 piece each air freshener:

  • OK
  • WTF
  • LOL
  • OH
  • WOW
  • LIKE
  • YEAH
  • YOLO
  • YES
  • OOPS
  • COOL
  • HEY

Item Specifics

Air Freshener Type: Hanging
Perfume: Baby Powder
Candy Dream
Choco Cookies
Green Apple & Cinnamon
Orange Blossom
True Man
Tutti Fruti
Vanilla / Caramel
White Musk
Wild Coconut
Additional Information: 14 Pieces


Additional information

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